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Sunset is only a beginning of onset of sunrise: there is no end without a start!


What is a career? 

People may confuse career with short term engagement such as hawking, which arises as a result of lack of something better to do. You can find yourself farming because you studied to become an engineer but the engineer job had not crossed your path. Still, you can get a guard’s job, when all you wanted is to be a military solder or a cop. Do these engagements amount to careers? No.
The term career refer to an engagement that is specialised in terms of skills and field of study. It takes passion to evolve engagements into careers. A good career is one you evolve from your passion. Besides knowing how to do something, you need to study for it. You should enroll for courses that improve your skills in doing what you do. You should interact with peers in the same field to learn more and gain experience. You must strive to get better in what you do everyday. The final stage of a career is a life time occupation marked with skill and professionalism beside earning.
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